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Nelson's Menorca

The Nelson’s Menorca was originally the main finca (farmhouse) to all the surrounding land to Son Vitamina. It has changed hands many times throughout the approximate two hundred years of its existence. Going from an old farmhouse to a public house in, or around, the seventies.

Legend has it that in the early 1800’s the Vice Admiral Lord Nelson visited Menorca to see his lover, Lady Emma Hamilton. Lady Hamilton was a very beautiful, elegant women and Lord Nelson was undoubtedly Britain’s most decorated naval hero.

They apparently visited the island to see each other and stayed in Lady Hamiltons house in Es Castell. Rumour has it that they frequented the farmhouses on several occasions.

This romantic setting led to Lady Emma giving birth to the Admiral’s child some years later.

If you visit the pub you will see our beautiful original portrait of Lady Emma Hamilton hanging in the restaurant area. We always say that her eyes follow you everywhere.

The pub’s decor includes a huge painting of the royal fleet in the Mediterranean before the battle of Trafalgar. The long bar has cannons carved at one end as if it were heading for battle, along with many other historical features of the fleet.

Primarily it has had Landlords & Landladies that have served the residents of Son Vitamina, and everyone in the surrounding area, with great food and drink.

We hope that, as the new Landlords, we can continue with this tradition of serving the public with fantastic food and beverages to suit all palettes. Giving some new dynamic changes in pub cuisine.

Horatio Nelson - Is this the start of the Nelson's Gastro Pub in Son Vitamina, Menorca?

Lady Emma Hamilton - The journey of great gastronomic eating began. Visit the Nelson's Gastro Pub today!

Fill up your glasses and enjoy the Nelson in Son Vitamina

Great selection of Gin and Tonics at the Nelson's Gastro Pub in Son Vitamina

The mix of old and new makes the atmosphere fantastic at the Nelson.

Relax or snuggle up at the Nelson after a beautiful Sunday Roast Lunch, Menorca