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To keep things in lively mood we have decided to put a bespoke menu together just for these evenings. We feel that this dining menu will represent some of a Best Grub Menorca offers and will certainly keep hunger at bay and your belly happy.

The up and coming features at the Nelson’s Gastropub will include both new and old bands. Some favourites playing inside and outside on our grounds. We will open for the summer in May with a festival comprising of 3 to 5 bands playing all day. The next highlight is in mid summer with our finally in September – Closing with a fantastic display of musicians and fire work display.

This menu will get updated and changed from time to time, but more importantly we keep trying to add new bands to our ‘Live Band’s @ The Nelson’ slot. Should you know of any artists wishing to dazzle us with their talent, please get them to drop us a line.

Looking for something else? Why not drop us a line and we see if the power at bee can russell something up.