No TV? How will I survive.. | Adventures at The Nelson

No TV? How will I survive.. | Adventures at The Nelson

When the electricians are in and there is no TV – Let me just start by saying that no dog was harmed in the making of this blog.

After another successful weekend in The Nelson’s Gastro Pub with happy people, full bellies and the drinks a flowing. Monday morning arrives with a four year old coughing her guts up. When I asked if she was going to school the response was a big fat “Noooooo!”. You just know it’s going to be along day at the Nelson.

Let there be light and there was bloody great big flash!

As you may know we have the the Español’s NASA Technical Support team at present, they are rewiring the Nelson, Their’s life Jim but not as we know it. Electricians arrived promptly at 07:30 on the dot – no need for an alarm clock today 🙁 They then informed us that they are going to start work upstairs in our living room…. Better put some clothes other wise another international incident.

The electrics in the Nelson Pub have been on the blink for the last two weeks, mostly off. So, to see a light bulb actually on, my first response is whoopee let there be light. Then I see the grey electrical tubing/conduit and start thinking of the many hours I spent choose colours for my apartment.

Sick child now seems to have made a full recovery. Therefore I made an executive decision all on my own and took my daughter to the children’s indoor ball pool followed by shopping for me 🙂

Upon returning we realised that the guys are still going to be a while. And the best bit – I now have grey tubing going up the walls, even more worrying four year old has no TV to watch !!! What’s a mother to do, firstly breath deeply, second lets go play in our themed children’s play area at side of pub which is great fun – Close shave

No TV at The Nelson and what the hell is Darcey wearing?

After swings, slides, playing with dolls in pushchair and a go on the rocking horse it was time to fill our empty tum’s with delicious home made burgers. After, we headed back upstairs but still no electric working,

Darcey our beloved cocker spaniel is looking at us and pleading “no way” as Maddie grabs a bag of her old baby clothes and proceeds to dress the dog in it! So its a nice little pink number, the hoody looks quite trendy, and the pink and white leggings are adorable. We now have Darcey in the Louis Dog-ton number, Woof-Woof Channel and Bark-Bury range.

Electricians now have put part power back on, four year old now wants minions on, and the dog has run out the door wearing pink frilly dress.

Normal service will resume.

Bye for now

Leigh XX

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