Storm stops play at the Nelson, Son Vitamina

Storm stops play at the Nelson, Son Vitamina

Usually you would expect Menorca to experience a mild winter but this winter we have experienced some of the most ferocious storms that have lashed our shores, and inland areas. It has caused some serious damage to property not only on the outside but on the inside. Blowing breakers on our water tower leaving us without water for days and motors on two of my fridges and frying my cash register.

Stormy weather at the Nelson | Son Vitamina

This Friday night I was expecting a quiet night (stupidly) because I didn’t have many reservations and it was absolutely pouring with rain. I mean it was raining side ways because the wind was so strong.

We just started service with a couple of regulars at the bar, and some in the restaurant, and we heard what could only be described as a grenade exploding directly above the bar. Bang!! All the lights went out and left us in virtual darkness. I realised that we must be directly beneath the thunder cloud.

The lights came back on but only in disco fashion flashing awkwardly and randomly. Then to my amazement about 20 people came through the door all expecting food and drink. At this time the kitchen, and the bar, to say the least were in a bit of trouble.

I turned around to take someones bar bill and found that the cash register was fried so I had to till up in the dark, or by candle light. Then serve 20 odd people in next to no light. I have to say thank you to my great mates Karen & Shaun that showed true English camaraderie by helping me through a very stressful night that will go on record as one of the most testing nights yet.

The next day we found out that the water tower that feeds Son Vitamina had taken a blow from the electrical storm tripping the main pump 40 feet down our well.

So we have no water and and had to cancel Sunday lunch for 50 diners.

Roll on Summer – give me sweating all day any day…

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    Mark stone

    Due to a fantastic response to our band nights we are now promoting new bands on our blog page. We are looking for talented musicians. We give anyone a chance to plug in and have a go. Our resident studio ( Son Parc studios) will gladly encourage any new talent that may turn up on a Saturday night. We have an interior stage that is situated under the Grand chandelier. Also we have exterior stage that is in Prime location on our huge terrace.
    We look at this to be a stepping stone for young talent and a privilege for us to have listen to great up and coming artist.
    Contact mark at the bar or direct through this blog page to get a shout at the Nelsons.

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