The BIG TEN | Will it be Sexy Beast or Iceman?

The BIG TEN | Will it be Sexy Beast or Iceman?

At the Nelson we run two weekly lottery events. One is called the BIG TEN. This is only for the the hard core TEN that play every week and costs a fiver a go. It is only won by hitting the bonus ball on the nose.

So are YOU ready for the BIG TEN?

We all have our allocated nick names on the board, such as Sexy Beast. Which is myself because APPARENTLY I look like Ray Winston.

  • Frank “THE FRYER”
  • Rene “ THE PIRATE”
  • Pete Creswell “THE GODFATHER”
  • Matt “THE MINCER”
  • Shaun “SMOOTH AS SILK”
  • Gerry “BALDY”
  • And off course, Nigel “ICEMAN”

Anyway this story is about our Nigel, or ”ICEMAN”, who has won about five times now. He has won over 2500€ in total taking the record by a jungle mile past anyone else.

This has made him annoyingly out there to be to be ridiculed. Some of his close mates have now got contracts out on him including Ann Cresswell, a lady that normally would not hurt a fly.

SWIFTY, his good friend, openly admits it’s not about the money anymore he just wants him OF THE ISLAND.

He now fears for his life hiding in corners of the pub with his glass of Rioja in his hand rubbing his hands together like Fagen from Oliver.

They are leaving post it notes for him at the bar for him saying “we are going to get you” written on them!

Please give this guy one more chance to pay back his winnings to the Big Ten lottery fund and give all the the other magnificent nine a chance.

Nigel you lucky B…..

PS Nigel’s number 8 was my number for 30 years……grrrrrr

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