Want a ride? | Try a booked Nelson Minibus or Taxi

Want a ride? | Try a booked Nelson Minibus or Taxi

Hello from the Nelson’s Gastro Pub in Son Vitamina! Great news we have secured our self a lovely 10 seater minibus. So when you have a little posy or group that needs bring to and from the Nelson… Give us a shout and lets bring and return you safety home in style. And the best bit is, this is a complimentary service, Shawn that means free.

Brum Brum | Book the Nelson Party Minibus!

This Nelson Minibus is a 10 seater, fully insured and roadworthy – I would even let my mother in-law ride in it. So, when you are stuck and can not arrange a taxi or finding hard to explain where you are staying to local taxi company. Stress no more, give us a call (at least 24 hours notice if you can) and let us whisk you to the Nelson in style.

Just thought that I should let you all know that we have a complimentary pick up and drop of minibus service. This is a fully insured roadworthy minibus that is used solely to pick up and drop of our customers.
We know how difficult it can be getting a taxi or taxis to and from your holiday let or your homes in Menorca. So I have allocated my 10 seater minibus to provide you with this service.

We can provide a safe pick-ups for your AGM’s in small parties of nine from allocated pick up points or drop you off to your front door.

Please provide information to us either via our internet booking service or simply give us a call and tell us your requirements.

Please respectfully do not ask us to just pick you and your neighbour up because you have a Gammy leg. It is only profitable for Nelson’s Gastro Pub to send out this service if there are large parties or big senders 🙂

On the other hand if you and your mate are on holiday and wish to work your way through our finest selection of gins, single malts please call me immediately. We will supply sick bags and a police convoy to get you back into your bed – Repeat customers welcome!

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