Is George Clooney at the Nelson?

Is George Clooney at the Nelson?

Welcome to Nelson’s Blog,

Firstly let me induce myself, I’m Leigh Stone and with husband Mark we own, and run, the Nelson’s Gastro Pub here in Son Vitamina, Menorca. We have a four year old daughter Madeleine whom at present seems to be going through the devil stage. I swear, if you look closely she has horns growing out the top of her head (any parents with kids will know what that stage is like !!!). We  also have Darcey, our two year old long suffering American Cocker Spaniel who at the moment is in season and seems to be humping anything, and everything, that moves.

Living the dream.

We must get asked this question so many times, “Wow, you must be living the dream” Well yes, and no. Had you asked me that five years ago I would have said my dream was to marry George Clooney and live happy ever after as a pampered Beverly Hills house wife,. Sadly, he has now married some leggy brainy lawyer so I did not get a look in, instead I met and married the love of my life, whom is more Ray Winston than George C. As for pampering, well that’s definitely out the window this week.

How do I get George Clooney at the Nelson?

Island life.

Having now lived here for over three years I can honestly say we have some of the most stunning beaches. During the winter months you can have a whole beach all to yourself. The beauty of the island truly does take your breath away, the colours of the flowers when all the bougainvillea is in season is outstanding. The island also has this magical light to it, the sunsets really are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. After a hot day you look up into the sky and see millions of bright stars that are so clear they just seem to shine just for us.

It’s not all sunset and sangria.

Most of the time yes – lovely hot sunny days, ice cool glass of sangria and good food. All of which you can get here at The Nelson’s Gastro Pub. This week, however, we have been hit with some horrific storms and finally after four days of no electricity or water this ship will be ready to sail again offering some fantastic food and wonderful gin and tonic cocktails.

Bon voyage for now or, as we say, adios mis amigos!!

Leigh xx

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